Golf Tournaments in Myrtle Beach

With Myrtle beach being the top spot in North America to play golf it’s only natural that it is also one of the top locations for golf tournaments in the United States. These tournaments are for all golfers from the professional level to amateur skill set. With over 80 award winning courses there are year round events for all levels of golf players to participate and go watch. Planning your golf trip around one of these tournaments could definitely be the highlight of your golf trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Here are a few highlighted tournaments The Grand Strand will be hosting in Myrtle Beach.


The Myrtle Beach World Amatuer Championship Tournament is considered one of the top tournaments to play in or spectate in The Grand Strand. The tournament attracts over 3000 players annually and is played on over 50 courses throughout the region.This tournament is designed for fun and competition for all ages. The World Amatuer Championship also is well known for being one of the largest women’s tournaments attracting over 400 female participants annually.This tournament is flighted by gender, age and handicap.The Tournament brings players from all 50 states and over 20 countries making it a must do for any player from around the world. Highly recommend planning your golf trip during this tournament. The tournament dates are August 29th thru September 22nd 2022.


The Short Par 4 Fall Classic is another exciting tournament played in The Grand Strand. The tournament is played right before Thanksgiving, November 13th thru November 17th 2022. This tournament is played on 4 beautiful courses in The Grand Strand. Players in this tournament compete in over 72 holes with different playing formats each day of the tournament.This tournament has great value and amazing prizes and definitely highlights what a Myrtle beach golf trip has to offer throughout South Carolina. Keep a sweater close by for this tournament as Fall takes over the landscape and region of The Grand Strand.


Family Golf Week Tournament is great for anyone one taking their family on their golf trip. It is specifically aimed for family play with The Father & Son Team Classic Tournament and The Parent & Child Team Classic. The Father and Son Tournament is the largest of its kind in the entire world. Both tournaments are played July 10-16th, 2022. These two tournaments are played on 8 beautiful courses including the award winning Barefoot Resorts golf course. This tournament is a great value for you and your child and is designed for maximum fun and great family bonding time. Everyone who registers and plays in this tournament gets food, drinks, 3 rounds of play and a gift bag packed with all kinds of valuable golf goodies. Log on to their website for more details and registration for you and your child. You will not regret playing this tournament and create lifelong memories for your child.


The Veterans Golf Classic is a three day event played in the height of Spring in the middle of May. This tournament is for all active and retired military personnel. The Veterans Classic is played in teams of two based on their collected handicap. Each day of this tournament is played in a different golf format making each day as exciting as the last. This tournament is annual and has been hosted in The Grand Strand for over 20 years attracting golf players from all of the branches of the military. The Veterans Golf Classic Tournament is a great way to support our veterans whether your playing in the tournament or going as a spectator. Come out and support our fellow brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces.


  1. Golfing_Guru

    Looking to take the family to Myrtle Beach next summer for the Family Golf Week Tournament. Anyone out there previously play in The Father & Son Team Classic Tournament? Curious how competitive it is and if it’s suitable for beginners?

  2. Birdie_Master87

    Just got back from the Myrtle Beach World Amatuer Championship Tournament – what an incredible experience. Cannot recommend it enough if you’re an avid golfer. Don’t miss out on networking with others from all over the world!

  3. ArmyVet_77

    As a retired military personnel, it’s heartwarming to read about the Veterans Golf Classic Tournament. Thanks for the info, will reschedule my leave to support my brothers and sisters out there. Remember, fairways and greens, everyone.

  4. HoleInOne

    Anyone up for the Short Par 4 Fall Classic this November? Ain’t nothing like Myrtle Beach in the fall. Just make sure you pack a sweater!

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