The Most Intimidating Golf Course Tee Shots in Myrtle Beach

An Introduction to the Challenge

For any avid golfer, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is synonymous with golf heaven. Known as the “Seaside Golf Capital of the World,” Myrtle Beach is home to over 100 golf courses, offering a diverse range of terrains, course designs and teeing challenges. While all of them are impressive in their own right, a few have earned the notorious reputation of providing some of the most intimidating tee shots in Myrtle Beach. Here’s a closer look at those that test the nerves and skills of golfers, regardless of their proficiency.

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, Hole #13

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, fondly referred to as ‘Waterloo’ by locals and avid golfers alike, is a par-5 behemoth. Not for the faint of heart, this 13th hole provides a sweat-inducing scenario right from the tee box with the Atlantic Ocean glaring from one side and Lake Singleton glimmering on the other. The intimidating 590-yard journey requires a perfectly aimed tee shot to avoid the water hazards, testing the mettle of even the most experienced players.

TPC Myrtle Beach, Hole #18

The Tom Fazio designed TPC Myrtle Beach is a scenic delight for any golfer, but its beauty is only skin-deep. The course reveals its intimidating side at the 18th hole, a 538-yard par-5, known for its stressful tee shots over water. An ideal tee shot requires skirting the tree line on the right while staying far from the water on the left. The perfect blend of challenge and charm, a tee shot at the 18th leaves even the bravest of golfers with an adrenaline rush.

Caledonia Golf and Fish Club, Hole #14

Don’t let the tranquil setting of live oaks and Spanish moss fool you; the Caledonia Golf and Fish Club packs a punch with its challenging course. The 14th hole, a 383-yard par-4, known as ‘Alvoirdupois,’ demands an accurate drive from the onset. With marshland to traverse and fairways protected by a towering oak on the right, this tee shot requires a peculiar blend of precision and bravery.

River’s Edge Golf Club, Hole #9

According to common golfer parlance, the River’s Edge Golf Club houses the ‘shotmaker’s course,’ and nowhere is it better exhibited than the hole number 9. This par-5 runs a chilling 570-yards to the green. The challenge here is to carry the tee shot over marshland to a well-guarded fairway. The sight of the Shallotte River and the narrow landing strip are enough to get the pulse racing on this tee shot.

Myrtle Beach National – King’s North, Hole #6

When you tee up at the 6th hole, aptly named ‘The Gambler,’ you’re confronted by an island fairway that assures a heart-stopping experience. The choice made on this tee box—whether to ‘play it safe’ or ‘dare the devil’— has seen even the most composed golfers battle bouts of uncertainty. This 568-yard par-5 designed by the legendary Arnold Palmer certainly offers a high-stakes poker-like rush that makes golfing in Myrtle Beach a thrill.

A Closing Remark

Golf, in its purest essence, is a sport where skill meets thrill. And nowhere is this better exemplified than these daunting tee shots in Myrtle Beach. Each unique in their challenge and equally rich in scenic beauty, these holes truly provide an unforgettable golfing experience. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or a bright-eyed novice, do try your hand at these thrilling tee shots on your visit to this golfer’s paradise. After all, golf isn’t golf without a good dose of excitement and challenge, right?


  1. BirdieMaster

    Great write-up! Been to Myrtle Beach a couple of times, but have yet to tackle ‘Waterloo.’ Sounds like I might need to pack an extra sleeve of balls!

  2. swingaway77

    Just returned from a golf trip to Myrtle Beach. Definitely recommend Caledonia Golf and Fish Club. The 14th hole, what a challenge! That towering oak sure does a good job guarding the fairway.

  3. GolfGuru

    With so many excellent courses, Myrtle Beach is indeed a golf heaven. These are not just golf courses; they’re architectural masterpieces that test your skills and patience to the limit. Thanks for this wonderful piece, it brought back some challenging memories!

  4. HoleinOneKing

    TPC Myrtle Beach’s 18th hole, talk about a stress test! One wrong move and you’re in the drink. Still, that adrenaline rush is what makes it one of my favorite holes.

  5. 5r866

    Ah, thanks for this. Makes me reminisce about playing the Dunes Golf and Waterloo, that’s the hole I dread and love at the same time. Truly brings out the best and worst in us, doesn’t it? Anyone else have any ‘Waterloo’ horror stories to share?

  6. Mark_Jenson91

    Great write up! Heading to Myrtle Beach next month and definitely planning to take on ‘The Gambler’. Any advice for a first-timer?

  7. ThomasJ

    Ah, ‘The Gambler’! Now, there’s a hole that still haunts my dreams. Took the gamble and lost my ball in the lake. Still, wouldn’t miss the chance to go at it again. See you on the green, folks!

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