Myrtle Beach Golf: A Guide to Cart Path Only Rules and Etiquette


Myrtle Beach, often hailed as the “Golf Capital of the World”, is nestled on South Carolina’s picturesque shoreline. With its more than 80 well-tuned golf courses, it’s no surprise that enthusiasts, ranging from rookies to veterans, flock to its sandy mystique. Amidst this golfing galore, a unique rule that often throws newcomers off their game is the Cart Path Only Rule. Understanding this rule, and the etiquette surrounding it, enhances not just your game-playing experience, but also your respect for the sanctity of the greens. With longevity and enjoyment at the heart, let’s dive into the intricacies of the Cart Path Only Rule and its associated etiquette.

Demystifying the ‘Cart Path Only’ Rule

The Cart Path Only Rule is simply a regulation that requires golfers to keep their carts on the designated cart path throughout the duration of their game. This applies to the 18-hole journey, from the tee-box to the green. The rule is usually implemented when course conditions are damp or during certain stages of turfgrass growth. Its primary purpose is to protect the course from the damaging effects of cart traffic, preserving its splendor for future rounds.

Why ‘Cart Path Only’ Rules Matter

The rule significantly impacts environmental sustainability of the greens. The heavyweight of a golf cart can cause soil compaction, hindering root growth, and damaging the turfgrass. Moreover, wet conditions make the course more susceptible to rutting and erosion. Implementing the Cart Path Only Policy helps preserve course health, ensuring the longevity of the lush green fields we’ve come to love.

The Etiquette of ‘Cart Path Only’ Rule

As with all golf rules, following the Cart Path Only rule is not just about compliance. It reflects a golfer’s commitment to the respectful coexistence with the course and other players. Here are some etiquette pointers to consider:

1. Stick to the Path: This is, hands down, the best way to respect the rule. Regardless of where your ball lands, the cart stays on the path.

2. Judging Distances: With frequent on-and-off cart movement, gauging your distance to the flagstick becomes tricky. It’s advisable to bring along a range finder or GPS for accuracy, which ultimately speeds up the game.

3. Asset Management: Carrying only the absolute necessary clubs can be helpful to prevent multiple trips to your cart.

4. Awareness: Stay conscious of other golfers’ lines of sight. Park your cart at a distance where it won’t be a distraction.

5. Repair and Replace: Mending ball marks and divots, replacing lost turf and raking bunkers shows consideration for the course and future players.

Embrace the Rule, Enjoy the Game

Understanding the Cart Path Only Rule and its associated etiquette is crucial in a golfer’s journey. While seeming a tad inconvenient at first, respecting this policy brings balance to the game. It preserves the majesty and longevity of the greens, and ensures that the enjoyment of golf in Myrtle Beach continues for generations to come. Embrace the rule. Appreciate the course. Above all, enjoy the game. Your ultimate golfing experience awaits amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Myrtle Beach. Stay, play, and make your mark on the green tale of Myrtle Beach, one stroke at a time.


  1. BirdieBenson

    I’m a newcomer to golf and this post is exactly what I was looking for! It’s not just about understanding the game, but also the etiquette and rules around it. I imagine the Cart Path Only rule can be a bit tricky with estimating distances though, do you have recommendations for good range finders?

  2. GreenLover931

    Been a golfer for years and couldn’t agree more about Cart Path Only Rule. It’s not just about the game but respecting the course. By the way, any tips on how to gauge distances more accurately without a range finder or GPS? And, yes! Myrtle Beach is a golfer’s paradise!

  3. StevenTheSwinger

    Great write-up on the Cart Path Only rule. I mean we’re all guilty of straying away from it from time to time, but you’ve touched on some vital aspects here. Preserving the course is crucial. Been to Myrtle Beach a couple of times and it really is a gem for us golfers. On a lighter note, does the rule also apply to golfers who can’t for the life of them keep their balls on the fairway? Asking for a friend.

  4. qne81

    Great article! Just got back from Myrtle Beach and witnessed firsthand the Cart Path Only Rule. At first, it seemed limiting, but soon realized it made the game more about strategy and truly appreciating the course. It’s crazy how much damage those little carts can do!

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