The Most Memorable Golf Course Fairway Contours in Myrtle Beach

As a Myrtle Beach local and passionate golfer, I’ve had the privilege to play and observe the distinct and impressive fairways of various golf courses encompassed in Grand Strand’s golf-rich landscape. Among these plush green retreats are a selection of courses, each boasting fairway contours that not only test your mettle as a golfer but astound you with their architectural grandeur. It is these courses that I wish to present today.

Barefoot Resort: The Dye Course

The Barefoot Resort’s Dye Course is as demanding as it is visually arresting. Its fairway contours are the result of a combination of Pete Dye’s artistic touch and natural topography. The course unravels great undulations and elevations, from camelback ridges to deep valleys, offering a challenging game. Its signature 9th hole is an intimidating par-4, stretching 471 yards from the tournament tees. It magnificently illustrates the strategic placement of fairway contours, forcing players to think carefully about each swing.

Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

Designed by the late Mike Strantz, the Caledonia Golf & Fish Club is a Myrtle Beach classic. Known for its impeccable landscaping, the course presents a thrilling round with dramatic fairways that often call for a perfect blend of power, accuracy, and strategic thinking. The short, par-4 6th hole with a dogleg left showcases Strantz’s artful shaping of the fairways, while the 14th hole waves goodbye to the flat land with a large mound that frames the landing area and the approach to the green.

Tidewater Golf Club

Sporting one of the most picturesque landscapes in Myrtle Beach, Tidewater Golf Club offers a beautiful, challenging experience for golfers of all proficiency levels. The course threads through saltwater marshes and hardwood forests, with fairways that rise and fall in sync with nature. Particularly striking is the par-5 13th hole, which demands accuracy amid its undulating fairways, featuring a dramatic descent to the green.

True Blue Golf Club

True Blue Golf Club, a sister course to Caledonia, is another testament to Mike Strantz’s genius in course designing. True to his style, the course boasts dramatic fairway contours, wide-open fairways, and artistically-molded bunkers, making for a remarkable round of golf. For instance, the 10th hole, a long par-4, exemplifies Strantz’s creativity in contouring, unveiling an elevated fairway that creates an unforgettable moment of golf.

King’s North at Myrtle Beach National

King’s North at Myrtle Beach National, an Arnold Palmer design, is full of character and architectural creativity. King’s North made its name with innovative holes like the island green par-3, challenging golfers of every level. Its par-5 6th hole, nicknamed “The Gambler,” embodies the adventurous spirit of this course with its risky dual-fairway design.

Embarking on a journey through these fantastic golf courses will sharpen your game and forever change your appreciation for golf course design. Their fairway contours present not just physical challenges but psychological testaments to strategy and patiences, artistically woven into the natural landscape that defines Myrtle Beach. It’s a homage to the looking glass of golf, which when peered through, displays not only a game, but an art form.


  1. GrassIsAlwaysGreener_23

    Having played on the Dye Course more times than I can count, I can definitely back your claims of it being as demanding as it’s visually arresting! That 9th hole, a sight to behold and a devil to play on. My scorecard on that hole is a sorry tale…love it though!

  2. GolfGuruGuy

    As someone who takes pleasure in exploring various golf courses, I must say that your description of those fairway contours is making me want to book a trip to Myrtle Beach asap! Gotta test my mettle on those green retreats. The ‘The Gambler’ hole in King’s North sounds like a fun challenge. Anyone else tried it yet?

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