The Most Legendary Golf Course Comebacks in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, regarded as the golf capital of the U.S, boasts a stunning array of renowned golf courses – many of which have fascinating comeback stories. From strategic restorations to drastic facelifts, these courses reflect the resilience and tenacity that are intrinsic to the spirit of golf. Engaging to both novice golfers and seasoned pros, these comeback stories bear testament to the ever-evolving golfing landscapes in Myrtle Beach.

The Renaissance of The Dunes Club

Amongst the most lauded golf course comebacks is The Dunes Golf and Beach Club’s breathtaking transformation. Known for its brilliant design by golf architect Robert Trent Jones, the course had aged over time and losing its competitive edge. However, in 2013, it underwent an extensive facelift. By infusing elements of modern golf design while keeping the original charm, architect Craig Schreiner breathed new life into the club. Today, its renewed bunkers, tees, and greens stand as an ode to the club’s rich past and its commitment to offering an unforgettable golfing experience.

Mystical Golf Club: A Tale of Three Courses

Renowned for its trio of impressive courses – The Wizard, Man O’War, and The Witch – the Mystical Golf Club was severely impacted by record-breaking floods in October 2015. The Witch, most adversely affected, was submerged under six feet of water. But, like a phoenix from the ashes, the club made a remarkable comeback. Through the collective effort of grounds crews, local contractors, and community volunteers, the club was restored to its former glory in just six months. Not only did the courses bounce back, but emerged as even better layouts offering a challenging and fun golfing experience.

The Revival of Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club

Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club, a Jack Nicklaus design, had faced the wear and tear associated with coastal weather and golfing pressure but in the wake of Hurricane Matthey in 2016, the course was severely damaged. However, the devastation wasn’t the end; instead, it marked the course’s resurgence. The meticulous restoration involved tree removal, green renovations, and infrastructural upgrades. By the summer of 2017, Pawleys Plantation was back in business, offering players improved playability without losing its characteristic challenge.

King’s North at Myrtle Beach National

Another memorable comeback story is King’s North at Myrtle Beach National. Once several trees started dying off due to an incurable tree disease, golf’s sustainability took center stage. Under the guidance of Arnold Palmer Design, many of the felled trees were strategically replaced with waste bunkers and water bodies. This course redesign provided golfers with a visually arresting and environmentally-friendly golfing experience, transforming the course into the candy to eyes it is today.

Burning Ridge Golf Club’s Inspiring Comeback

Last but by no means least, Burning Ridge Golf Club stands as an epic comeback story. When the club’s management faced challenges maintaining standards, rather than shutting down, they chose to transform. Comprehensive changes, including the integration of a new practice facility and improved irrigation system, have revitalized the club to one of Myrtle Beach’s most prized golf assets.

Each of these legendary comeback stories reflects the resilience and adaptability of Myrtle Beach’s golfing scene, demonstrating that through tough times, our appetite for golf, our commitment to offering world-class sporting facilities, and our dedication to supporting the local golf community never wavers. They serve as an inspiration to us all, and they underline why Myrtle Beach stays the go-to golf destination for thousands of golfers worldwide.


  1. GreenFairwayz42

    Visit Myrtle Beach every year for a golf trip with buddies. Last trip was to Lightning Ridge. It was epic but tougher than a 2-dollar steak. Looking forward to trying King’s North next round – hope those water bodies don’t ruin my scorecard, fingers crossed!

  2. TeeTimeTony

    Myrtle Beach remains a classic. The Dunes Club transformation is far and away the best thing that happened in recent times. The way they’ve evolved but still managed to keep the old charm is simply astonishing. Any other places you’ve seen such balance in modernization while keeping the heritage alive?

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