The Best Golf Courses for Beginners in Myrtle Beach

Title: Unleashing Your Inner Rory: The Best Golf Courses for Beginners in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, lovingly known as the golf capital of the world, boasts an impressive collection of over 80 spectacular golf courses. Whether you’re a club-swinging veteran or just picking up your first putter, there’s a perfect greenspace waiting for you. For the novice, though, the sheer breadth of courses can be overwhelming. We’ve handpicked some of the best beginner-friendly golf courses in Myrtle Beach to streamline your search and ensure seamless fairway fun!

First up is the centrally located, widely-loved Possum Trot Golf Course. Possum Trot presents a welcoming environment ideal for newcomers finding their footing. It emphasizes straight drives over distance, making it less daunting and more rewarding for novices. What truly sets it apart for beginners is their “Golf School”. Known as the original Myrtle Beach golf school, it has been running for over 30 years, providing top-tier beginner-friendly instruction.

Next, the Aero Club Short Course merits mention. With just nine holes, it navigates the challenge of length and stands amongst the best places to find your rhythm. Aero’s design focuses on a well-balanced mix of par 3s and par 4s, emphasizing skill building and control rather than power. It’s also a lighter hit on the pocket, offering discounted rates every afternoon.

Witch Golf Club is another relatively forgiving course for rookies. Its challenging fairways might seem overwhelming, but they encourage improvement and nurture beginners into upgrading their game. The stunning layout flagged by majestic cypress forests isn’t too shabby either! Auxiliary assets like a 4-star rating from Golf Digest and Golf Academy teaching packages also make the Witch Golf Club a fantastic choice for beginners.

A stone’s throw away from downtown, Pine Lakes Country Club offers a less intimidating, yet high-quality course designed for beginners. Known as Grandaddy, being the first golf course of Myrtle Beach, it exhibits a rich blend of history and hospitality. Their fairways are wide, and the focus lies on straight shots rather than distance. One standout feature is its commitment to developing beginners – get ready for some excellent tips from their attentive and friendly staff!

Rounding out our list is the Arrowhead Country Club. Primarily noted for its forgiving fairways, it caters perfectly to the starters. Here, players can swing freely without fear, focusing solely on their game’s technical aspects. It features three 9-hole courses, allowing beginners to take on each at their leisure. What’s more, the breathtaking intercoastal vistas add charm to the challenge!

Besides these primary recommendations, we recommend chatting with locals or hiring a guide to explore hidden gems around Myrtle Beach. Alternatively, you can also check out some prominent golf schools, such as Classic Swing Golf School or Ritson-Sole Golf School, to sharpen your skills off the ground.

Find your swing by diving into the deep, rich golfing culture that infuses every corner of Myrtle Beach. These beginner-friendly golf courses provide a stepping stone towards your golfing journey, blending instruction with testing, fostering an atmosphere of learning, and urging you to improve – all while drinking in the stunning locales that Myrtle Beach provides. Whether you’re hunting for a relaxing hobby or aspiring to be the next Annika Sorenstam or Tiger Woods, you’ll find what you’re searching for here in our sunny beachside paradise.


  1. LinksLover1959

    I’ve always enjoyed the history of Pine Lakes Country Club, the grandaddy of em all. Their focus on beginners is commendable. Who doesn’t like friendly staff with a vintage golfing vibe?

  2. LowerCase

    Myrtle Beach clearly has a lot of golfing culture soaked in it. Planning a beginner’s trip soon. Can’t wait to discover these golf courses!

  3. TigerWannabe

    Been swinging at the Arrowhead Country Club and the vibes there are excellent for beginners. The views certainly help keep the mood light as well – overlook a poor swing when you’re staring at the beautiful intercoastal vista!

  4. LarryTheLobShot

    Interesting read! Although as someone who backed into a cypress tree at Witch Golf Club, I can attest, the ‘forgiving’ part is open to interpretation haha. All kidding aside, these are great suggestions for beginners, especially the Possum Trot, loved the Golf School there. But got a question, are these courses typically crowded? Don’t want to hit an audience while I’m slicing my way through.

  5. LeisureLinda

    Never played golf before, but Myrtle Beach sounds like the place to give it a shot. The Aero Club Short Course appeals to me, love the idea of skill-building emphasis. Any hotel recommendations nearby who work with beginners?

  6. 6sb57

    Just played my first 9 holes at the Aero Club Short Course this week! Still trying to get my swing right but as a beginner must say it sure lived up to the rave review given here. Golfing might become my happy escape after all! 🏌️‍♂️

  7. 7xa80

    Great picks! I’ve been honing my skills at Possum Trot and the instructors there are top-notch. The original Myrtle Beach golf school indeed still brings an A-game even after 30 years.

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