The Best Golf Courses for Group Events in Myrtle Beach

Title: “Swinging into Team Spirit: The Best Golf Courses for Group Events in Myrtle Beach”

As a local in Myrtle Beach and a fervent golf devotee, I’ve discovered that our delightful coastal town is a golfer’s paradise. Myrtle Beach essentially transmutes into a captivating golf course offering an array of selections from luxurious resort courses to challenging public layouts.

Yet, when it comes to organizing golf events, you need more than just a stunning course. You require attentive service, excellent food, and an atmosphere that merges fun with competition. So whether you’re planning a corporate tournament, a charity golf event, or just a simple get together with friends, here are the top golf courses in Myrtle Beach for group events.

First on the list is the Caledonia Golf & Fish Club. This top tier course is not only aesthetically breathtaking but also stands out for its commitment to personalized service, capable of accommodating everything from small groups to full field events. Its famous 19th century antebellum-style clubhouse and the exquisite Lowcountry scenery from live oak trees to marsh views make it the ideal location for an unforgettable event backdrop. Add on the wonderful lowcountry cuisine, and you’ll have an event that exceeds all expectations.

If you’re keen on offering your group a slice of golf history, Pine Lakes Country Club, also known as The Granddaddy, is the place to be. This oldest Myrtle Beach golf course since 1927, is renowned for its meticulously maintained fairways and greens. The Club’s unique charm is accentuated with a Scottish theme, both in its clubhouse architecture and traditional kilt-wearing caddies. Furthermore, it knows how to host group events, offering personalized event planning and privatized areas that can accommodate up to 400 guests, making it a perfect combination of old-world charm and modern amenities.

For the group that appreciates a challenge, do consider Dunes Golf & Beach Club. It’s been a host to numerous professional golf events yet remains accessible for skill levels of group play. Notably, its course layout fashioned by Robert Trent Jones is challenging but fair and blends seamlessly with the natural surrounding beauty. With a spacious clubhouse offering panoramic views of the ocean, it provides the perfect escape for post-round relaxation.

Bowling over to Barefoot Resort & Golf, a multi-course facility providing variety that caters to all skill levels. Exemplifying Southern hospitality, it features four courses all designed by renowned golfing legends – Norman, Love, Fazio, and Dye. The Love Course, in particular, is an ideal choice for hosting group events thanks to it’s larger than life Southern clubhouse ready to handle events up to 500 people.

Finally, TPC Myrtle Beach offers the group an opportunity to play where the pros play, having been a consistent stop on the PGA Champions Tour. Their experienced staff stands ready to make your event a seamless operation; combining the world-class golf experience with excellent food and beverages, they’re sure to amplify participation in your charity or corporate event.

Yet beyond these course features, Myrtle Beach offers a charming beach town ambiance, exquisite dining options, and ample lodging choices, ensuring that off-the-course activities can be equally engaging and satisfying.

Given this golfing abundance, there’s an aptly spot in Myrtle Beach for every kind of group event. Choose wisely and rest assured your group members will have a sensational golf experience.

In the end, you don’t just want to ‘play around’ of golf; you yearn for an experience that is unique, memorable, enjoyable, and competitive all at the same time. And Myrtle Beach’s golfing landscape can offer just that – unique golfing experiences that form lasting memories!


  1. Clubhouse_Carl

    Great piece! I’ve had the chance to experience a few of these courses during my visits to Myrtle Beach, though I was particularly enchanted by Caledonia Golf & Fish Club. The breathtaking views coupled with personalized service was truly memorable. It is assuring to know I picked one of your top choices. Now I just need to convince my buddies for another visit this spring!

  2. PutterPatricia

    Hmmm…This list piques my curiosity, especially Pine Lakes Country Club with its Scottish theme. I’ve got a question though, do they really have traditional kilt-wearing caddies? That must be quite a sight! Also, I’m wondering if they have women’s group events. Anybody knows about this? Still, great article and thanks for the suggestions!

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