The Best Golf Courses for Improving Your Short Game in Myrtle Beach

Title: “Mastering the Art of Precision: The Best Golf Courses for Improving Your Short Game in Myrtle Beach”

Myrtle Beach, affectionately known as the “Golf Capital of the World,” holds a tantalizing allure for golfers from all across the globe. Boasting over a whopping 100 grand golf courses, both seasoned professionals and beginners flock to this sparkling jewel of South Carolina. As any seasoned golfer will concede, mastering the short game holds the key to lowering golf scores. As a Myrtle Beach resident and an obsessive golfer myself, allow me to take you through the best golf courses in the area to deploy and improve your short game skills.

1. Tidewater Golf Club

Tidewater Golf Club combines elegance with a challenge, having a reputation of being both visually stunning and technically demanding. Its Par 3 holes, such as the third, twelfth, and sixteenth, can be difficult, pushing you to perfect your short game. The sixteenth hole, particularly, is set on a marsh, forcing players to execute confident, precise strokes.

2. Myrtle Beach National – King’s North

An Arnold Palmer design, King’s North is distinguished for its fantastic set of six Par 3s, especially the “island green” – the twelfth hole. It provides an exceptional challenge, demanding masterful control and pin-point accuracy. Overcoming its challenge reinforces your short game skills while benefitting from Palmer’s innovative golf design.

3. The Dunes Golf & Beach Club

The Dunes Club, a Robert Trent Jones creation, is renowned universally for the exceptional Par 3s. The ninth hole, known as “Waterloo,” has an arched layout around Lake Singleton warranting expert chip shots. The thirteenth hole, on the other hand, offers a downhill challenge that tests your short game dexterity under pressure.

4. True Blue Plantation Course

True Blue Plantation Course emphasizes the importance of accuracy. Architect Mike Strantz created a different kind of test on its greens. The course offers a ridged landscape that tests the golfer’s ability to adapt, accomplish precise chips, and control ball rolling speed on subtly undulating greens.

5. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

Another Mike Strantz design, Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, is often acknowledged for its beauty and difficulty. The par 3 11th hole here showcases an island green where a well-practiced short game is paramount. Its undulating and harder-to-read greens demand perfection in your putting game.

6. Prestwick Country Club

Home to six remarkable Par 3 holes, Prestwick Country Club is a joint design venture by Pete and P.B. Dye. With strategic bunker placements and water bodies, it provides a complex challenge. The twelfth hole, encircled by sand and water, necessitates precise shot placements and the fourteenth hole requires a superior chip shot to handle its narrow landing area.

7. Barefoot Resort – Love Course

Incorporating Davis Love III’s creative vision, the Love Course at Barefoot Resort features hard-to-navigate green complexes. The fourth hole, a Par 3, is exceptionally daunting with its gigantic bunker and narrow green. Excelling here definitely means adding some finesse to your short game.

8. Heritage Club

Last but not least, the Heritage Club is praised for its spacious, easier-to-hit greens, providing beginners the perfect practicing playground. Its natural beauty, characterized by magnolia-lined fairways and centuries-old oak trees, makes it a perfect place for building the confidence necessary for short games.


In the end, enhancing your short game means a dedicated, relentless practice at precision, control, and finesse. Hone in on your chip shots, putting, and sand saves at these splendid Myrtle Beach golf courses to see your scores drop steadily. A careful mixture of natural beauty and designed complexity, these courses offer the perfect environment to test, learn, and enhance the elusive art of the short game. Best of all, you’ll be doing so in some of the most breath-takingly beautiful locations on the planet!

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