The Best Golf Courses for Quick Rounds in Myrtle Beach

Title: Fast-Fairway Favourites: The Best Myrtle Beach Golf Courses for Quick Rounds

Over the years, Myrtle Beach, the ‘Golf Capital of the World,’ has earned an illustrious title for its abundance of pristine golf courses. The area boasts over 100 finely-crafted and diverse courses designed by the stalwarts of the golf world including Robert Trent Jones, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus.

However, with everyone’s on-the-go lifestyle, time-crunched golfers often look for swift rounds. Not all golf courses lend themselves to such matches, so the question arises: which are the best golf courses for quick rounds in Myrtle Beach? Fortunately, we have answers. With careful consideration of layout, course design, and total yardage, we’ve put together a list of courses that allow you to tee off even during the tightest of schedules.

1. Myrtlewood Golf Club – Palmetto and PineHills

Start your quick round conquest at Myrtlewood Golf Club, a double threat with its duo courses – the Palmetto and PineHills. Boasting a plantation-style design, the golf complex places a premium on accuracy rather than distance. Palmetto’s average round time hovers around 4 hours, which is less than the national average making it perfect for golfer’s looking for a quick game. PineHills, known as ‘The Friendly Course,’ also offers faster play, thanks to its open design and fewer water hazards.

2. Arrowhead Country Club

Cloaked in tranquility alongside the Intracoastal Waterway, Arrowhead Country Club is renowned for its 27-hole facility featuring three 9-hole tracks: The Waterway, Cypress, and The Lakes. Each track holds its unique appeal but the uniform attribute is the rapid pace of play, thanks to multiple tees, generously open landing areas and well-maintained turf conditions.

3. Wizard Golf Club

Designed by the legendary Dan Maples, Wizard Golf Club mingles Scottish-style golf with remarkable speed of play. The course turf comprises Paspalum grass, known for its smoothness and fast putting surfaces. Wizard’s widely spaced hole layouts, enable less wait time and a swift progression of play, much to the delight of time-pressed golfers.

4. Prestwick Country Club

Prestwick’s reputation for speed of play is heavily dictated by its challenging yet navigable P.B. Dye layout. The clever design keeps play smoothly flowing through a mix of open fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and water hazards. Despite the demanding nature, this course offers players a fast yet satisfying golf experience.

5. International Club of Myrtle Beach

Tucked away in Murrells Inlet, the International Club delivers a steady-pace 18-hole game speed-aided by its straightforward design and well-spaced holes. The course fits the bill for those wanting more golf in less time without sacrificing the thrill of varied terrain, immaculate greens, and undulating fairways.

6. Possum Trot

Last but not least, Possum Trot is a local favorite for a quick round of golf. Widely known for its friendly fairways and forgiving design, this was the area’s first golf course and it supports a remarkably brisk pace of play. The course prides itself on a reputation for excellent conditioning which means less down-time mending divots or retrieving wayward shots.

Golfers flock to Myrtle Beach not just for the quantity of golf courses, but also for the quali-tea! From the seasoned pro looking for a swift practice ground to the passionate amateur finding a fast yet challenging play, these courses offer a spectrum of choices. Moreover, they optimally blend speed, quality, fun, and beauty in equal measures. Despite time constraints, experiencing the brilliance of Myrtle Beach’s golf landscape is always feasible if you know where to look. Your quick golf getaway awaits you in these expertly curated greens.

Remember, golf is a game designed to test not just your physical mettle, but your strategy and time management skills, too. So grab your clubs, set your timers, and dash off to these rapid-fire fairways for a speedy taste of what makes Myrtle Beach the ultimate golfer’s paradise.

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