The Best Time of Year to Golf in Myrtle Beach

Title: “Reveling in the Golf Paradise: The Best Time to Golf in Myrtle Beach”

For any ardent golf enthusiast, Myrtle Beach might be a familiar name. Known as the “Seaside Golf Capital of the world”, this stretch of South Carolina coast boasts over 100 remarkable golf courses, putting Myrtle Beach high on the list of popular golf destinations. Like any golf course, though, one of the key determinants of a satisfying play depends on getting the timing right. So, when is the best time of year to golf in Myrtle Beach?

Often, golfers consider two main factors when deciding when to play: the weather conditions and the crowd factor. Balancing these two factors, along with pricing considerations, the best periods to golf in Myrtle Beach are typically during the late spring and early fall.

Let’s start with spring.

The late spring, from April to June, is the kickoff of golf season in Myrtle Beach. Temperatures are comfortable and range between the mid-60s and high-80s. The pleasant weather conditions, along with well-manicured courses from the winter’s rain and a good amount of sunshine, create perfect golfing conditions. The spring bloom also paints many of the golf courses with vibrant hues, enhancing the visual experience of the game. Tee times fill up fast during this period, but strategically scheduling early morning or late afternoon rounds can help avoid peak times.

Moreover, thanks to the spring golf packages available, the season holds quite a few opportunities for reaching better deals. Some packages even include amenities like a round of complimentary drinks or a luxury stay near golf courses, making it an irresistible option for many.

However, if you find the springtime crowd a little overwhelming or have trouble aligning your calendar, fear not. The early fall, particularly the months of September and October, serve up a splendid alternative.

During this period, Myrtle Beach revels in temperate climate—mild and less humid weather—with temperatures typically fluctuating between the mid-70s and low-80s. What’s fascinating about golfing in Myrtle Beach during the fall is the serene surroundings. The leaf-fall adds a touch of drama to the courses’ aesthetics and presents a calm, leisurely atmosphere, perfect for an undisturbed swing.

Even better, the fall period witnesses a significant decline in visitor numbers compared to the summer bustle, making it easier to secure your desired tee times. And let’s be candid, golfing without the distraction of large crowds is simply priceless!

Similarly to the spring, fall also presents an opportunity to enjoy value-driven golf packages. Therefore, it’s a great time for those looking for a budget-friendly golf vacation while still enjoying excellent golfing conditions.

Of course, it’s worth noting that both the spring and the fall golf seasons have their particular charms. Spring brings in the rejuvenation of nature with a crisp, lively atmosphere. On the other hand, fall provides the beauty of autumn foliage and a tranquil ambiance.

Even so, if you’re in the mood for a little bit of adventure and wouldn’t mind bracing your tee shots against the chill, the winter season shouldn’t be entirely ruled out. While the temperatures can sometimes dip to uncomfortable levels, a good sunny day in winter can provide a unique golfing experience with fewer crowds and lower rates.

Regardless of the season, make sure you book in advance, have alternatives, understand the pros and cons of the selected season, and, most importantly, be prepared to enjoy your game of golf.

In conclusion, whether you’re attracted to the blossoming nature of spring or the peaceful landscape of fall, Myrtle Beach offers something to cater to every golfer’s preference. It’s simply a matter of matching your personal preferences and schedules with what each season offers. Undoubtedly, a round of golf on the wide-canvas of emerald green courses, graced by generous sunshines and embraced by the azure Atlantic Ocean, is an allure hard to resist for any golfer regardless of the time of year.


  1. GolfGal_83

    Interesting post, I’ve always been a fan of golfing during fall. The colorful foliage really adds to the beauty of the golf course. However, the golf packages during spring sounds very tempting! Any recommendations for best package deals?

  2. lme71

    Good read. Though I’ve got to say, hitting the greens during the winter isn’t as bad as some might think. A few layers of clothing, and you’re good to go! The best part: hardly anyone around, which provides a much more peaceful game.

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