The Most Affordable Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

Title: The Most Affordable Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, known as the Golf Capital of the World, is synonymous with good times, fairways, and affordable golfing. With over 100 courses, you’ll find fine leisure time on the greens without denting your wallet, yet providing a delightful time on the links. This article sheds light on Myrtle Beach’s most affordable golf courses that tap into the finest tee-off experiences while preserving your budget.

1. River Oaks Golf Plantation: Value doesn’t need to compromise quality, and River Oaks Golf Plantation serves as a testament to that. Priding itself as a cost-effective golfing choice, this 27-hole course offers an unrivaled golfing experience with its three 9-hole tracks named Fox, Otter, and Bear. River Oaks, which borders the Intracoastal Waterway, affords players spectacular views while they navigate the fairways flanked by towering oak trees. With green fees often below $50 including cart fees, River Oaks offers one of the best value-for-money golf experiences in the region.

2. Possum Trot Golf Club: Possum Trot is characterized by its warm, southern charm, supplemented by an unpretentious layout that welcomes golfers of all skills. Known as the “Friendliest Course on the Beach”, the simplicity of its traditional, low-country style design makes it an excellent course for beginners. With slight elevation changes, water coming into play on 13 holes, and plenty of mature hardwoods, this course offers a challenge for more experienced golfers as well. The green fees at Possum Trot, often under $40, qualifies it as a top affordable option in Myrtle Beach.

3. Beachwood Golf Club: Beachwood, a classic Gene Hamm layout, is nestled in the heart of Myrtle Beach, providing an exceptional golfing experience on a budget. Renowned for its fair but challenging play, Beachwood promises a rewarding day on its 18 holes. With no houses on its course to distract one’s shooting vision, players can focus purely on improving their game. Here, prices fluctuate between seasons but hover around the comfortable price of $45, including a cart during the summer, and decrease during the fall and winter.

4. Indian Wells Golf Club: Indian Wells is conveniently located just south of Myrtle Beach city. It is well-known for the friendly staff and its commitment to providing a top-notch golf-playing environment while keeping it pocket-friendly. With a finishing hole voted as one of the best in Myrtle Beach, golfers are sure to enjoy the course’s layout. Indian Wells’ price tag often stays under $40, making it a steal in Myrtle’s golfing landscape.

5. Diamondback Golf Club: Carved from swampland, Diamondback Golf Club promises a unique golfing encounter. This Russell Breeden design incorporates both beauty and challenge, serving the perfect mix for any golf enthusiast. The course, located on Highway 9, features 18 holes of pristine golf without residential distractions. Prices are typically around $40-50, increasing the appeal for budget-conscious golfers.

6. Heritage Plantation: The beautiful Heritage Plantation wraps up our list of attractive low-cost golf courses in Myrtle Beach. True to its name, Heritage blends the sport with a rich history of the land on which it’s built. It is decorated with sprawling oak trees festooned with Spanish moss, creeks, and rice fields, providing a unique southern ambiance. At under $70 during peak season and dropping below $50 off-peak, it concludes our roadmap to cost-friendly golfing in Myrtle Beach.

These are just some standouts among the many well-priced golf courses in Myrtle Beach. They all offer an affordable ticket to golfing splendor with generous links, well-maintained greens, ample facilities, incredible scenic beauty, and most importantly, affordable green fees. So pack your clubs, and tee off at one of these friendly golf links in the Golf Capital of the World. Because in Myrtle Beach, outstanding golf doesn’t have to come with grand costs.


  1. Hole_in_one

    Have been using this list as a guide for my trips to Myrtle Beach, thanks for putting it together! Played at River Oaks last year and absolutely loved it. Playing under those oak trees added just the right amount of challenge. Up next is Possum Trot – hope it lives up to its friendly reputation!

  2. BenH

    That’s a solid collection right there. Had a great time at Possum Trot myself; it’s perfect for beginners like me. Easy layout, friendly staff. Would recommend!

  3. kvm54

    Great article! I’ve been thinking about hitting the links at Myrtle Beach but was always concerned about the cost. Apparently, there’s no need to worry. Might try the River Oaks first since it seems to offer an incredible golfing experience while still being budget-friendly. Also, the view sounds splendid. Who could resist that?

  4. JohnForeDouglas

    Funny how I’ve golfed at Possum Trot Golf Club before, and let me tell you, their ‘Friendliest Course on the Beach’ tag isn’t for show. The atmosphere is fantastic for a beginner like myself. Could anyone tell me if the other courses are as beginner-friendly as Possum Trot? Also, I’m curious about Diamondback Golf Club. How’s the game on swampland like? Maybe I could switch things up a notch.

  5. GolfOldTimer

    After years of golf, I’ve learned that good golf doesn’t always mean expensive rounds. This list proves it. A quick joke for you all, why don’t golfers go to heaven? Because, they’d complain about the way the clouds play! Anyway, keep your heads down and swings smooth, folks.

  6. GolfNutty

    I must admit, the affordability aspect of these courses is quite enticing. Played at Beachwood last spring and it didn’t disappoint. Fairways are generous and no houses to distract your shots is a real plus! One question, any idea if there are deals for a group reservation at Indian Wells?

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