The Most Scenic Golf Course Views in Myrtle Beach

Title: Embracing the View: The Most Scenic Golf Course Views in Myrtle Beach

As golf lovers, we not only appreciate the delicate precision required to master this revered sport but also, often, the breathtaking landscapes that help craft our play experience. Notably, Myrtle Beach is a gem with a rich tapestry of stunning golf courses that perfectly merges the love for the sport with admirable scenic displays. Let’s take a journey through some of the best panoramic golf course views in Myrtle Beach.

Located at the sea’s edge, the Dunes Golf and Beach Club precariously balances beauty and brilliance in equal measure. This Robert Trent Jones Sr.’s masterpiece is a sight for sore eyes. The famed design pulls off the coastal terrain with a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. Creating memorable experiences are holes 11 through 13, fondly referred to as “Alligator Alley,” which wind through a serene freshwater lake, adding a thrill as you play along marsh edge. Not to be forgotten is the photograph-worthy par 5, 13th, that vividly displays the brilliant blue of the lake.

Close behind is Tidewater Golf Club, which boasts captivating vistas of both the Intracoastal Waterway and the Cherry Grove. Sitting proudly at the confluence of the ocean, saltwater marsh, and woodland, Tidewater offers a unique sense of serenity during play. The 3rd and 12th greens reveal a vast expanse of the marsh alongside the distant shimmer of the Atlantic, while holes 13 and 14 give rise to stunning views of the Intracoastal Waterway – all of which lend to the allure of their tagline, “The Pebble Beach of the East.”

True Blue Plantation, another jewel, revels in embracing nature’s decoration. Designed by Mike Strantz, True Blue’s landscape is a golf artist’s masterpiece. The unique hue of the sand amidst palmetto trees, water, and, of course, the green fairways earn this course a rightful standing in the list of scenic views. Particularly remarkable is hole 3, a visually distinct par 5 that offers an elegant vista through a narrowing fairway and a lakeside strip.

Proffering a different spectacle altogether is Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club, a Jack Nicklaus Signature course. It unveils a series of picturesque marsh views and impresses its audience with the visually sumptuous par 3, 13th, which stretches over 145 yards of marshland. This hole, also regarded as the shortest par 3 on the Grand Strand, produced one of “Best 18 Holes in the Myrtle Beach Area” by the Sun News.

Grande Dunes – Resort Club, a high-lying course perched over the Intracoastal Waterway, is another testament to Myrtle Beach’s landscape diversity. Renowned for its Mediterranean-style clubhouse and the largest practice facility on the Grand Strand, Grande Dunes also offers an awe-inspiring panoramic view from its 14th hole, a par 3 that entices golfers with a full vista of the Waterway and the grand Marina Inn.

In essence, the beauty and rich landscape in Myrtle Beach golf courses are far from ordinary. These courses not only offer you an engaging golfing test but also serenade you with a captivating display of Mother Nature’s radiance. From every rippling waterway to swaying palm, from the vibrant greens contrasting sandy dunes to the vast expanse where sky meets sea – each landscape narrates a unique tale of grandeur.

It’s no overstatement to suggest that, in Myrtle Beach, golf isn’t just a sport – it’s an experience, one cradled within the arms of natural splendor. And regardless of your play style or proficiency, these panoramic views are sure to add to your golfing experience that much-needed shot of inspiration.

So, next time you plan a golf trip, don’t merely imagine the perfect swing or the champion’s trophy. Anticipate the utter thrill of playing amidst Myrtle Beach’s most scenic golf courses. There, you’ll truly find a perfect blend of sport and scenic spectacle, enough to make each round of golf an unforgettable journey.


  1. ThreeIronTom

    Sounds like a golfer’s paradise! I’ve played at Tidewater and Dunes Club and they truly are breathtaking. Your description is spot-on. I’ll have to give the others a shot soon. Right now, Caledonia Golf & Fish Club is also high on my list. What are your thoughts on that one?

  2. BirdieQueen88

    I always tell people golfing isn’t just about the game, it’s also about embracing the beauty of Mother Nature. Love how this blog understands that. But let’s not forget, folks – no matter how stunning the view, it’s not going to make your poor swing any better!

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