The Best Golf Courses for Left-Handed Golfers in Myrtle Beach

Title: Southpaw Sanctuary: The Best Golf Courses for Left-Handed Golfers in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, a picturesque city nestled on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast, is colloquially referred to as ‘The Golf Capital of the World’. This famed stretch of the East Coast is renowned among golfers worldwide for its peculiar fusion of luscious green fairways, transcendent outdoor beauty, and challenging, innovatively designed golf courses.

Amidst the city’s vast collection, some courses stand out especially among left-handed golfers. Also known as “southpaws,” left-handed players often encounter unique challenges when facing the traditional layouts of golf courses. Yet, several Myrtle Beach golf havens have won the hearts of southpaws with their perfect blend of challenge and concessions specifically designed for the lefties. With that in mind, we present the top golf courses for left-handed players in Myrtle Beach.

1. Dunes Golf & Beach Club: Perched on the oceanfront, the Dunes Golf & Beach Club is designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones. The par 72 course earns high praises from left-handed players largely due to its unique clockwise design. The acclaimed ‘Waterloo’ hole, a par 5 that follows a right-bend arc around the Singleton Lake, provides a scenic yet challenging ordeal delightfully rewarding for the southpaw.

2. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club: This masterpiece from Mike Strantz plays splendidly for left-handers. Built on a former rice plantation, Caledonia fosters picturesque beauty and challenging gameplay. The Lowcountry topography perfectly complements the leftward layout, peaking at the 18th hole where lefties enjoy a clear advantage to play it bold over the marsh to the peninsula green.

3. Tidewater Golf Club: Another coastal gem, Tidewater Golf Club presents left-handers with stunning vistas and a captivating layout. The Ken Tomlinson-designed course, characterized by its strategically positioned bunkers, prominently favors a left-handed shot. The combination of these design attributes offers a thrilling challenge for southpaws willing to test their precision and skill level.

4. True Blue Plantation: If Brennan’s Right is a myth in golf course designing, then True Blue Plantation delivers a reality check. This Mike Strantz creation is a left-hander’s dream. Its expansive fairways, large greens, and numerous waste areas offer ample room for left-handed drives. The left-handed bias is evident, notably at holes 1, 4, and 18, giving southpaws a blend of comfort and challenge under the southern sun.

5. Grande Dunes Resort Club: This Roger Rulewich Group designed course is another haven for left-handers in Myrtle Beach. It’s built upon a high bluff that overlooks the Intracoastal Waterway. The impressive architectural design permits left-handed players to engage in a risk-reward type of play, which caters significantly to their typical shot pattern.

6. Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club: A signature Jack Nicklaus design, the Pawleys Plantation golf course features several left-favoring holes. Lefties often find the layout of the low-country marshland particularly accommodating to their style of play, especially the peninsula greens extending into the salt marsh.

Flavored with Southern hospitality, these six stunning golf courses in Myrtle Beach ensure left-handed golfers will no longer feel like their game is up against the course itself. Each offers its unique take on both the challenge and beauty of the sport, ensuring that every southpaw can partake in a round under the vast Carolina blue. The welcoming terrains are just one of the reasons why many left-handers hail Myrtle Beach as a ‘southpaw sanctuary’. As we find more consideration given to left-handed playstyles in design elements, it becomes clear: the golf capital is not just for right-handed players anymore.


  1. GreenIsLife

    Why not plan a ‘Lefties Only’ tournament at one of these courses? Let’s level the playing field for all southpaws out there! Who’s with me?

  2. BobSmith182

    As a right-hander, I’m feeling a bit left out now (pun intended)! Just kidding – always good to see everyone being catered for. Golf’s a game for everyone, after all!

  3. HoleInOneHarry

    Great rundown! Played at Caledonia last year, and can vouch for its leftie-friendliness. The view over the marsh at the 18th hole is spectacular, too. Still, quite intrigued about the True Blue Plantation. Might just have to check that out next time…

  4. TeeOffTim

    Been a right-handed golfer all my life, but reading this makes me wonder if I’m missing out. Any left-handed golfers made the switch the other way? Or maybe I should just enjoy what Myrtle Beach has to offer for righties and leave the southpaw sanctuaries to the experts!

  5. AngieFromSC

    Really enjoyed your blog, being from South Carolina it warms my heart to hear about left-handers finding joy in my home state’s courses. Do you have recommendations for any leftie-friendly golf equipment?

  6. LeftyLover

    As a left-hander, I thank you for this super informative post! Can anyone tell me how easy it is to book a round at the Dunes Golf & Beach Club? I’ve been itching to try that ‘Waterloo’ hole!

  7. LeftyLooser

    Just had a game at the Dunes Golf & Beach Club based on this recommendation. What a joy to play! That ‘Waterloo’ hole really delivered on the scenery and challenge. Glad to finally see somebody giving some love to us left-handers!

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