The Best Golf Courses for Match Play in Myrtle Beach

Title: The Crown Jewels of Match Play: Top Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

Shimmering along the coastal plains of South Carolina, Myrtle Beach is known as the “Golf Capital of the World,” a bold moniker that is unquestionably justified. It holds over 100 meticulously designed golf courses, an alluring paradise for golf enthusiasts. Its massive expanse provides a haven for match play, facilitating an exciting balance of competition and camaraderie. Here are some of the best golf courses across Myrtle Beach that can elevate your match play experience to a whole new level.

1. The Dunes Golf and Beach Club: Leading the pack is the Robert Trent Jones masterpiece, The Dunes Golf and Beach Club. The course’s pleasing aesthetics perfectly marry the region’s natural allure with strategic finesse. Challenge lurks in every corner, with the par-5, 13th -“Waterloo”- being the most daunting. The Dunes is known for hosting several PGA Tours, serving as a testament to its high-quality and competitive design, making it an ideal location for match play.

2. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club: Anchored by the charm of antebellum South, this Mike Strantz masterpiece is etched with a magnificently aged ambiance. Each of Caledonia’s 18 holes offers a unique challenge making it a captivating choice for match play. The 18th hole really stands out with its arduous demands, creating a battleground for the grand finale of a match, making every victory truly memorable.

3. Tidewater Golf Club: Tidewater is often considered the Pebble Beach of the East, and rightfully so. With its dramatic sweeps of the ocean and marshland, this Ken Tomlinson design offers an immersive golfing experience. Exceptionally suited for match play, its standout 12th and 13th holes offer dynamic risk-reward scenarios that can change the game’s direction in an instant.

4. Pawleys Plantation: This golf course stands as a testament to Jack Nicklaus’s genius. Pawleys Plantation throws a varied mix of challenges, making it favorable for match play. The course weaves through the magnificent salt marshes, presenting many opportunities for players to test their strategic skills. The 13th hole, three islands off the mainland, makes for a grand stage for match play showdowns.

5. Barefoot Resort- Love Course: A collaborative creation by Davis Love III and Mark Love, this course showcases wide fairways and large landing areas, providing an equal opportunity to golfers of all skill levels. The recreated ruins of an old plantation house sprawling across holes 3 through 7 is a sight to behold, adding character to the match play experience.

6. TPC Myrtle Beach: A Tom Fazio creation, TPC Myrtle Beach, offers a PGA Tour-like experience. One of the handfuls of courses to receive a five-star rating from Golf Digest, this course is replete with compelling challenges and spellbinding sights – perfect for a match play setting. The signature 18th hole with its lure of the lake on the left showcases a dramatic cliffhanger stage for deciding the game.

7. Grande Dunes Resort Club: A high-end, Roger Rulewich-crafted layout, the Grande Dunes Resort Club offers an expansive landscape with unusual elevation changes for this part of South Carolina. The course’s unique design challenges and the variety it brings make it an exciting venue for match play.

8. True Blue Golf Club: Another Mike Strantz delight, True Blue, was open in 1998, quickly leaving its imprint on the Myrtle Beach golf scene due to its unique layout and fantastic conditioning. It makes for engaging match play with its wide fairways and challenging green complexes.

Every single one of these golf courses paints a unique storyboard. The varying challenges, coupled with the sheer aesthetic beauty, make for an exciting match play clashes that both challenge and mesmerizes every player who dares to tread these emerald expanses. Myrtle Beach isn’t just the Golf Capital of the World, it’s essentially a match play paradise. Come, experience the thrills of match play in Myrtle Beach; you will not leave disappointed.


  1. GolfLover67

    Great post! I’ve had the pleasure to experience several courses in Myrtle Beach and this list is spot on! I haven’t tried the Grande Dunes Resort Club though, the unique elevation changes sound interesting. Definitely need to check it out.

  2. HoleIn_One_Master

    I’m a regular at TPC Myrtle Beach, nothing beats the feeling when you land the perfect shot on the 18th hole. Also, every time I play, I always pay my respects to the ‘house ruins’ on the Barefoot Resort-Love Course, talk about a historical twist to your usual round of golf!

  3. e1g90

    Love this line up of golf courses. Myrtle Beach is truly a golfer’s paradise. I’ve spent many enjoyable hours on these courses, and I can tell you, the match play experience is really something else. Waterloo at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club is my nightmare though. That hole has cost me a few matches!

  4. Fairway_Fred

    Wow, excellent breakdown of the courses! The variety in Myrtle Beach is really stunning. I’m partial to the Barefoot Resort-Love Course. The ruins add such a fun element to the match play experience. But I gotta ask, no mention of Kings North at Myrtle Beach National? The Gambler is surely worth a mention when it comes to match play!

  5. BunkerBuddy

    Absolutely love this article. My buddies and I hit Caledonia last year for our annual golf trip and loved it. Super challenging, but a great mix of history and natural beauty. Definitely made our match play matches a lot more interesting. Anyone actually tackle the Waterloo at Dunes though? It’s on my bucket list but seems daunting.

  6. ParForTheCourse

    Having played on the Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, it’s an absolute joy to golf there, especially with the antebellum charm. I tend to struggle with my long game on the 18th hole though. Any tips to help improve my performance?

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