The Most Challenging Par 3 Holes in Myrtle Beach

Title: Tackling the Tees: The Most Challenging Par 3 Holes in Myrtle Beach

When it comes to golf in Myrtle Beach, the most prevalent thought isn’t just the vast number of quality courses or the stunning views that accompany this golfing paradise; it’s also the thrilling challenge that awaits at every turn. And where better to put your golfing prowess to the test than at some of the most challenging Par 3 holes that Myrtle Beach has to offer?

First on our list sits the picturesque Caledonia Golf & Fish Club. Opened in 1994 and nestled among towering southern pines and oaks, Caledonia’s Par 3 playing field is as much a visual marvel as it is a test of aptitude. The 17th hole is a particularly treacherous Par 3. Playing 155-yards, it demands precision and tactical placement, as the green is fiercely protected by a large bunker in front and a pond to the left. A significant undulation in the green further adds to the challenge, making it a hole that requires your full attention and control to navigate.

Next up is at the visually enchanting Grande Dunes Resort Club, where the 14th hole awaits. With a length of 238 yards from the championship tees and a mesmerizing view of the Intracoastal Waterway, this Par 3 can unnerve even the most experienced golfers. A sprawling bunker flanks the left side of the green, and any shot shy of perfection could end up in the thick fescue or marshland on the right. Wind conditions often factor into play here more than any other hole on this list, making club selection paramount.

A trip to Myrtle Beach’s Par 3 challenge would be incomplete without a visit to the famed Dunes Golf & Beach Club. The 12th hole, aptly nicknamed “Waterloo,” merits its menacing reputation. A sweeping dogleg right around Singleton Lake, it might be a Par 5, but it’s the Par 3 hole 4 that gives golfers a run for their money. Spanning 219 yards from the back tees, mishits often end up in the lake on the right, or huge bunker complex defending the left and front of the green. Surviving this hole with minimal strokes is both a physical and psychological feat.

The revered Moorland Course at Legends Golf Resort also presents an exceptional Par 3 challenge with its 16th hole. Known as ‘Hell’s Half-Acre’, it ranges from 170-245 yards, depending on your tees. The green is surrounded by cavernous bunkers and ruthless mounding, and the safest shot is to play for the middle of the green, irrespective of the flag position. Even seasoned players recognize this as one of the most difficult Par 3s in all of Myrtle Beach’s golf landscape.

Finally, we arrive at the Barefoot Resort’s Love Course, boasting what is often described as the most arduous Par 3 in Myrtle Beach – the 179-yard 4th hole. The green is surrounded by pot bunkers, natural waste areas, and tightly mown runoff areas. Any miss-hit, especially to the left of this green, will lead to a challenging up-and-down for par. While the hole might seem intimidating, a focused approach can help turn the tide in the golfer’s favor.

Each of these Par 3s in Myrtle Beach possesses unique characteristics that demand precision, sound judgement, and skill. They are, respectively, cataclysms of difficulty that inspire a sense of excitement and fear in equal measure. Their intrinsic beauty is irrefutable, but so is their fierce defiance against allowing pars and birdies. Surviving these holes with your scorecard intact can become the highlight of any golfer’s trip to Myrtle Beach. Undeniably, it’s these challenges that continue to beckon golfers into the irresistible allure of Myrtle Beach’s golf courses.


  1. BeverlyFinch

    Nice rundown of the par 3s, will certainly keep this handy for my next trip to Myrtle Beach. However, I think it’d be interesting to know more about the history of these courses – architects, memorable tournaments, course records, etc. Maybe in a future post?

  2. LaughingBogey

    So we’re calling these ‘cataclysms of difficulty’ now? Haha! Can’t argue with that. Survived a few but some – I’m looking at you, 12th hole at The Dunes – got me right in the pride. Great post, though. Made me nostalgic for the battlefield!

  3. Golf_Guru89

    Great blog post! Some well detailed descriptions of some fantastic courses. I must say, the 17th at Caledonia always gets my heart racing. Anyone got any tips on club selection for that one?

  4. EagleEye

    Been golfing at Myrtle Beach for over a decade, and you hit the nail on the head with Grande Dunes’ 14th hole. Wind plays such a huge factor there. Once ended up three over par because I misjudged the conditions. Fun times.

  5. Sarah_89

    As a first timer, both excited and terrified to head to Myrtle Beach after reading this. Any tips for tackling the Love Course’s 4th hole? The pot bunkers and natural waste areas sound quite formidable.

  6. TigerPalm32

    I’ve had first-hand experience with the ‘Hell’s Half-Acre’ at the Moorland Course. You’re not kidding about those cavernous bunkers – I lost at least two balls in there last time. It definitely leaves an indelible mark on you as a golfer. Time for a rematch, I guess!

  7. ForeRight

    Reading about these Par 3s is making me want to book a flight to Myrtle Beach ASAP! Of course, that 179-yard 4th hole at Barefoot Resort’s Love Course sounds like it might test my love for the game… 😅

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