The Most Underrated Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

Title: The Hidden Treasures: Most Underrated Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is undoubtedly recognized as a golfer’s paradise with over 90 golf courses that offer diverse layouts and challenges to suit every player’s skill level. However, some of our gems have notably flown under the golf radar despite their impressive offerings. This article aims to shed light on these hidden treasures that resist the demand for fame and keep earning their stripes via delightful experiences delivered to golfers.

One such course is Arcadian Shores Golf Club, a magnificent Rees Jones-designed course that opened in 1974. Despite being overshadowed by upscale local courses, Arcadian Shores offers an enchanting and challenging golf experience punctuated by two signature holes: the 2nd hole, a long par 3 requiring a hazardous water carry, and the 13th, a scenic par 4 wrapping around a serene lake.

Not far away you’ll find the Legends Golf Resort featuring three different courses: Heathland, Moorland and Parkland. These courses tend to be overlooked due to their residential location but they are, without a doubt, among the best layouts on the Strand. Their old-world Scottish design and characteristic landscape undulations provide golfers with a unique taste of British Isles-style golf without leaving the sunny ambiance of Myrtle Beach.

Another underrated golf haven in Myrtle Beach is the Possum Trot course, which has been lovingly nicknamed “The Friendliest Course on the Strand”. Despite its relatively flat terrain, the course’s strategically placed hazards and well-guarded greens create a diverse and challenging gaming experience for golfers of all skill levels. Coupled with its exceptional service and warm atmosphere, it becomes a must-play course on your golf trip itinerary.

Don’t be fooled by the Wild Wing Plantation’s Avocet course name, which some might find unappealing. The design collaboration between U.S. Open Champion Larry Nelson and renowned golf course architect Jeff Brauer produced a unique layout filled with visual appeal and diverse holes. From the innovative double fairways on par-five 1st and 8th holes to the beautiful par four 18th hole wrapping around a natural sand ridge, the Avocet is a thrilling golfing adventure poised to become a golfer’s favorite.

Crow Creek Golf Course is another hidden jewel waiting to be discovered. Located just across the state line in Calabash, North Carolina, but still considered a part of the Myrtle Beach golf scene, Crow Creek offers immaculate course conditions and a beautiful, challenging layout that winds through Carolina Pine forests and around meticulously maintained L-93 bentgrass greens.

Heartened with a charming country setting is the Black Bear Golf Club. This Tom Jackson design features an open, links-style front nine, while the back nine winds around several large lakes and dense woods. Black Bear allows golfers to soak in the natural beauty of the Carolinas while challenging them with well-placed bunkers, mini-Verde Bermuda greens, and some of the best par 3s on the beach.

Located in the heart of Myrtle Beach is the Pine Lakes Country Club, the Holy Grail for traditional golf enthusiasts. Known as ‘The Granddaddy,’ it is the first golf course of Myrtle Beach, yet is often underrated amidst other popular courses. A recent restoration merged classic layout with modern upgrades, creating a unique golf experience that truly stands the test of time.

These are just a few of the underrated golf courses in Myrtle Beach, quiet custodians of the spirit of golf, ensuring every visitor has an unparalleled experience. They might not always make big headlines, but they consistently provide excellent customer service, immaculately maintained greens, and challenging gameplay that makes them a deserving part of the Myrtle Beach golf legacy. So, the next time you’re planning a golf trip in the area, consider giving these hidden treasures a shot — you may just discover your new favorite course.


  1. LindaTheLinkslady

    This list resonates with me, but what about the Grande Dunes Resort Club? I always find it to be a hidden gem. BTW, the Wild Wing Plantation’s Avocet course offers some of the most unique shots in Myrtle Beach. Don’t get strated on the double fairways! Anyone else here find them as tricky as I did?

  2. fairway_fred98

    Great article! As a local to Myrtle Beach I wholeheartedly agree, a lot of these courses go underappreciated. Arcadian Shores is a personal favorite of mine, the 2nd and 13th holes have made and ruined many of my rounds haha!

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