The Most Picturesque Golf Course Sunsets in Myrtle Beach

Title: The Most Picturesque Golf Course Sunsets in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, fondly referred to as the “Golf Capital of the World,” is a golfer’s paradise. With over 80 golf courses to choose from, the region offers unparalleled golfing experiences, but it’s the unforgettable sunsets that really distinguish some of these courses. Nothing is more invigorating than watching the sunset dip beneath the horizon as you close your golf round. Here are some Myrtle Beach’s golf courses where you can enjoy the most picturesque sunsets.

1. Barefoot Resort and Golf: The Fazio, Love, Dye, and Norman courses each offer a different layout and design, but all share in common the mesmerizing sunset view. In particular, the setting sun illuminates the Norman course’s Waccamaw River backdrop, providing golfers an unforgettable, tranquil sight as they finish their round.

2. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club: Styled as an old Southern plantation, Caledonia merges the splendors of South Carolina’s Lowcountry with perfectly manicured fairways. What makes this course especially charming is the sunset’s reflection on the water hazards, turning the course into a multicolored tableau that enhances the golfing experience.

3. TPC Myrtle Beach: A tour-caliber course, TPC is renowned for its impressive layout and has been graced by some of the most famous names in golf. The par-3 17th hole is encased by trees and overlooks a beautiful lake, which becomes a mirror at sunset, reflecting the radiance and creating a breathtaking view.

4. Grande Dunes Resort Club: Located high above the Intracoastal Waterway, Grande Dunes offers panoramic vistas of both the waterway and the maritime forest. On tranquil evenings, the sky is streaked with colors of the sunset, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking a sublime end to their golfing day.

5. King’s North at Myrtle Beach National: Known for its daring design, King’s North is one of the most admired courses in Myrtle Beach. “The Gambler,” the infamous island fairway par-5, offers an outstanding sunset view mirrored in the surrounding water. This Arnold Palmer Signature design promises both a challenge to your golfing skills and a feast for your eyes.

6. True Blue Golf Club: This Mike Strantz signature course is a Lowcountry favorite, with rolling fairways mimicking the natural terrain. The 18th hole overlooks a serene lake, making it the perfect spot to catch the sunset’s reflection and witness the day wind down.

7. The Dunes Golf and Beach Club: Accented by stunning ocean views, this Robert Trent Jones masterpiece offers some of the best sunsets in Myrtle Beach. As the sun dips into the Atlantic, the dunes cast long shadows on the fairways, creating a dazzling spectacle that rivals any beach sunset.

8. Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club: This Jack Nicklaus Signature design is another Lowcountry jewel lined with marshy wetlands and massive oaks. The 13th hole, a par three surrounded by marsh grass, provides a gorgeous glimpse of the setting sun and an excellent wrap up to the day’s game.

These picturesque sunsets, coupled with world-class golf, provide an unforgettable experience for golfers of all skill levels. After a rewarding day on the greens, what could be better than watching the sun set over a beautiful Myrtle Beach fairway, a spectacular end to a perfect day? Each of these Eight Sunset Splendors, fusing nature and design, promise to enrich your golfing sessions while creating lasting memories of Myrtle Beach’s breathtaking beauty. Next time you bring your clubs to Myrtle Beach, remember to stay for the sunset. It’s a sight you won’t forget!


  1. FairwayFred

    TPC Myrtle Beach? Now you’re talking! That par-3 17th hole at sunset is a sight for sore eyes, I tell ya. After all those challenging holes, nothing quite like that lake view to calm the nerves. And a cold beer afterwards, of course. Life’s little pleasures.

  2. Sandwich_Wedge

    Ha, I can confirm that the ‘the Gambler’ hole at King’s North is as tricky as they come. The sunset is just the bonus after navigating that one. Nice blog post, by the way.

  3. LeftyGolfer22

    Great article! Having played on most of these courses, I can attest to the beauty of the sunsets. There’s just something special about finishing a round with the sun gently retiring over the horizon. It’s sort of poetic in its own right, don’t you think?

  4. Lady_Birdie

    As a SC local, I can vouch for these breathtaking sunsets. The Dunes Golf and Beach Club is my personal favorite – nothing compares to the sight of the sun setting over the Atlantic after a round of golf. And seriously, if you’ve never witnessed a Lowcountry sunset, you’re missing out! Come on down, folks.

  5. HoleInOneSteve

    Well, I’ve been considering a golf vacation for a while now, and after reading this I’m sold on Myrtle Beach! The descriptions of the settings are absolutely captivating. That “Gambler” at King’s North sounds particularly intriguing. Has anyone tried it? How much of a gamble are we actually talking?

  6. GolfGuru322

    Wow, makes me want to go on a golf road trip just for these views! Thanks for sharing this, it’s made my ‘to play’ list much longer.

  7. Hole_Planet84

    You got that right about the Dunes Golf and Beach Club! That sunset is simply phenomenal, like the sun is sinking right into the ocean. Any other picturesque golf spots around the US worth checking out? I’m all ears!

  8. fore_in_one

    Great rundown! I’ve played at a few of these courses but never really stopped to appreciate the sunsets. Guess I know what I’m doing on my next round at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club.

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