Discovering Myrtle Beach’s Secret Golf Havens

Title: Discovering Myrtle Beach’s Secret Golf Havens: A Local’s Insider Perspective

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, often called the “Golf Capital of the World,” boasts over a hundred excellently maintained golf courses that attract players of all skill levels from around the globe. But beyond the frequented clubs such as Dunes Golf and Beach Club, or the illustrious Tidewater Golf Club, Myrtle Beach hosts a collection of fantastic yet lesser-known “secret” golf havens that deserve applause. Today, we’ll pull back the veil on these well-guarded secrets, presenting an insider’s perspective on golfing in Myrtle Beach.

Let’s start our journey with Whispering Pines Golf Course. Often overlooked by visitors, this course offers an unbeatable mixture of tranquillity, playability, and affordability. Situated less than a mile from Myrtle Beach International Airport, this former military base turned golf course gifts players a quiet respite from the bustling prime tourist locations.

Travel south, and you’ll find Blackmoor Golf Club, touted as the “Local’s Favorite Course.” A Gary Player signature course, Blackmoor offers a challenging yet unique and enjoyable test for all golfers. With oak trees hung with Spanish moss and several holes overlooking the pristine Waccamaw River, this course’s picturesque setting is its natural charm.

Next, head up north to discover a hidden gem called Crow Creek Golf Club. Situated in Calabash, North Carolina just outside of Myrtle Beach, this course provides a perfect blend of southern elegance and fantastic golf. Recently renovated with new premium grass, Crow Creek is a secret haven every golfer should explore; plus, it’s great for all handicaps.

Aberdeen Country Club is another lesser-known course that needs to be on every golfer’s Myrtle Beach itinerary. This 27-hole masterpiece laid out along the Waccamaw River creates three separate 9-hole courses – The Meadows, The Highlands, and The Woodlands. Each offers its unique character and charm, granting players a diverse golfing experience within a single visit.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Diamondback Golf Club. Located slightly off the beaten path at Woodland Valley Country Club, Diamondback is the first golf course on the Grand Strand designed by Russell Breeden. Known for its manageable play and affordable rates, this golf haven offers a surprising challenge for those daring to play from the back tees with generous landing areas for the less-daunting shot players.

A common thread among these secret havens is affordability, but this does not compromise the course’s quality. While top-tier courses charge premium rates, these lesser-known greens offer fantastic value for money – providing golf enthusiasts an economical way to enjoy the beautiful courses Myrtle Beach has to offer.

While it’s understandable to flock to top-rated clubs that have made Myrtle Beach famed in the golfing world, there’s a special delight in discovering these secret golf havens. They might lack the prestige of their high-profile counterparts, but they offer a uniquely serene golf experience that’s worth every swing.

Moreover, a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, complemented by stunning southern landscapes, makes these courses quintessentially Myrtle Beach. Often lightly trafficked, these secret havens afford you the luxury of unhurried play, allowing you to absorb the scenic vistas that capture the essence of South Carolina’s beauty.

Discovering these secret golf havens isn’t just about a fulfilling golf experience – it’s about immersing oneself into a defining part of Myrtle Beach’s local culture. And as a local, I strongly believe that our city’s appeal lies not just in notable attractions but also in these hidden gems offering valuable, memorable experiences to our visitors.

Myrtle Beach with its exceptional, secret golf havens is, indeed, a golfer’s paradise. Here’s an important insider tip though, book your tee times in advance. While they may be secret, they are treasured by those who know them, and tee times can fill up quickly. So, come explore our secrets and truly experience what Myrtle Beach has to offer. Happy golfing!

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