Golf and Charity: Philanthropic Events in Myrtle Beach

Title: Golf and Charity: Uncovering the Philanthropic Soul of Myrtle Beach

With its azure waters lapping against the bountiful sandy shores, Myrtle Beach may be synonymous with sun-soaked vacations, but it’s also celebrated as the East Coast’s golfing sanctuary. Astonishingly, Myrtle Beach is home to over one hundred opulent golf courses, but the town’s passion for the sport goes beyond leisure or sporting accolade. It extends deeply into the realms of charity, holding substantial philanthropic golf events that contribute significantly to different causes every year.

The synergy of golf and charity in Myrtle Beach is a heartwarming testament to the generosity and spirit of its residents and visitors alike. Perhaps the most notable of these endeavors is the annual Monday After the Masters (MAM) Celebrity Pro-Am. Celebrating its 25th year in 2019, MAM takes place at the award-winning Dye Club at Barefoot Resort and brings together professional golfers, celebrities, and enthusiasts to help raise vitally important funds.

Originally devised as a small charity event by Hootie and the Blowfish, a widely popular rock band, the MAM has evolved into one of the most esteemed charity golf tournaments nationwide. What makes this event so special is its beneficiary, the South Carolina Junior Golf Foundation, which uses the funds to introduce the game of golf to young people across South Carolina. The hope is to not only nurture future golfing talents but also to encourage values of integrity, respect, and discipline that the sport embodies.

Myrtle Beach also plays host to the World Amateur Handicap Championship, a competitive golf event attracting more than 3,000 players from around the globe. Although renowned for its sporting weight, the championship is just as much about charity. A significant slice of the revenues generated goes to Project Golf, an initiative focused on growing the beautiful game of golf for individuals of any age or ability, with particular attention to Veterans, youth, and those with disabilities.

Meanwhile, rounding off the autumn season in late October, the Golfing For Good Charity Tournament lights up the greens of the Myrtlewood Golf Club. This vibrant fundraising event, organized by California Dreaming and Kaminsky’s, sees a multitude of local businesses and organizations coming together for the common good. The proceeds from Golfing For Good extend toward aiding the Grand Strand Miracle Leagues, a charity whose mission is to provide disabled children and adults the opportunity to play baseball in a league-based environment.

Notably, the Myrtle Beach community also passionately supports the Veteran’s Golf Association (VGA). This non-profit organization hosts competitions nationwide, with local events held in our beloved beach town. The VGA is committed to promoting the game of golf to Veterans and their family members, aiming to enrich their lives through the camaraderie and mental healing aspects of the sport.

In all of these, Myrtle Beach brilliantly showcases how golf can serve as a powerful vehicle for philanthropy. Locals, as well as visitors, golf not just for the love of the game but also to foster a profound sense of solidarity in driving positive change. These golf events draw golfers from an multitude of backgrounds, yet they all leave with a feeling of fulfilling a larger purpose.

Interestingly, Myrtle Beach golfing charity extends from large-scale events to individual acts of generosity. It’s not uncommon to find clubs, instructors, and individual players offering their time and resources to support local causes. Many local golf establishments also have programs in which they donate a portion of course fees to charity.

In conclusion, the real charm of Myrtle Beach isn’t solely found in its sprawling golf courses, panoramic ocean views, or nostalgic boardwalks. Its authentic allure lies in the altruistic spirit that percolates through its sand-filled bunkers, manicured fairways, and the bustling green landscapes. The unity and commitment to charity displayed through these golf events clearly exemplify the power of sport in making a genuine difference in the lives of individuals, which in essence, is the very soul of the Myrtle Beach Golf community.

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