Golf and Inspiration: Motivational Stories from Myrtle Beach Courses

Title: Golf and Inspiration: Motivating Underdog Stories from Sublime Myrtle Beach Courses


Situated on South Carolina’s picturesque coastline, Myrtle Beach has, over the years, become synonymous with leisurely vacations, tranquil beaches, and phenomenal golf. Boasting a staggering 90 golf courses that cascade into the azure Atlantic waters, Myrtle Beach is indisputably a golfer’s paradise. However, it’s not just the pristine courses and world-class golfing facilities that make Myrtle Beach exceptional. It’s also home to a myriad of inspirational stories that can motivate anyone, regardless of their interest in golf.

Swinging Through Adversity: Dennis Walters’ Story

The first legend of the links that you cannot avoid, Dennis Walters, didn’t let a tragic accident impede his passion for golf. In 1974, Walters, an aspiring professional golfer, was paralyzed from the waist down following a golf cart accident. His dreams of becoming a professional player on the PGA Tour were seemingly over. But, Walters wouldn’t be defeated that easily. Armed with unwavering resilience and tenacity, Walters ingeniously transformed his wheelchair into a golf swivel seat, enabling him to play from a sitting position. Today, Walters is an honorary member of the PGA of America and a noted motivational speaker who advocates surpassing challenges and pursuing passion no matter the odds.

Stan’s Two-Shot Journey

Another awe-inspiring tale is that of Stan Thorton, the caddy master at the famed Dunes Golf and Beach Club for over 30 years. Despite his limited resources, Stan’s passion for golf and innate flair was palpable to frequenters of Dunes Club. Recognizing his talent, the club members sponsored his entry to the National Left-Handed Golfers’ tour in 1977. Stan returned as a champion, having won the competition with just two golf clubs! This victory transformed his life entirely, earning him legitimacy in the golfing world and inspiring many that success doesn’t necessarily require abundance, but dedication and hard work.

Jimmy’s Fight Against Odds

Local hero Jimmy Biggs, a pro golfer at Myrtle Beach National, showcases yet another inspiring example of resilience. Initially diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, Jimmy refused to allow the disease to diminish his dreams. Following the amputation of his left leg, he underwent rigorous therapy and relearned the sport he loved. Jimmy is not only back on the course but is also thriving, channeling his strength into advocating for cancer research and support for amputees.

Lady Bird, The Queen of Green

Peggy Kirk Bell, affectionately known as Lady Bird, was a powerhouse in the competitive golf world in the 1950s. After winning several titles, Peggy turned her eye towards teaching and nurturing upcoming players, transforming Myrtle Beach’s golf scene. Her commitment to empowering young players, especially women, echoes throughout the golf courses of Myrtle Beach, laying the path for future golfers and challenging the norms in golf’s conservative world.

These stories from the greens of Myrtle Beach are not merely about golf. They’re stories of tenacity, of spirit, of determination, and of the refusal to let adversity define your success. They illustrate the transformational power of this beautiful sport and its ability to inspire, heal, and empower.

While Myrtle Beach’s golf courses are primarily renowned for their design, scenery, and amenities, the spirit of the people who adopt these fairways has created a legacy more impactful than any par five or hole-in-one. These tales of grit, gumption, and grace serve as an illustration of the indefatigable human spirit, reminding us that no matter the odds, passion, determination, and tenacity can drive us to succeed.


Whether you’re new to golf or a seasoned player, Myrtle Beach’s golf courses hold a wealth of inspiration and motivation between their tees and greens. These stories are a testament not only to the enchanting power of golf but also to the incredible resilience of humanity. Next time when you putter around the Grand Strand, remember these stories and recall – every green holds the potential for greatness, all you need to do is swing for it.

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